CO2 Sensor CO2-2


  • The sensor is designed for indoor carbon dioxide concentration measurement and respective air capacity regulation through the control output signal to the fan.
  • Air capacity control based on CO2 concentration is an efficient energy saving solution.

Design and compatibility 

  • The sensor has two separate outputs: a normally opened dry relay contact and an analogue output 0…10 V (this output is adjustable for 2…10 V/0…20 mA/4…20 mA).
  • The relay output is used to turn the fan on/off depending on indoor CO– concentration and the analogue output is used for smooth fan speed control for a fan with EC-motor or a fan with extra speed controller with 0-10 V input, refer to RS…TA or VFED.
  • In case of smooth fan speed control the fan speed varies proportionally to carbon dioxide emissions.
  • The relay and analogue outputs make the sensor compatible with any ventilation system.
  • The integrated self-calibration system ensures reliable sensor operation during the sensor service life.

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