Vents Diffuser A150VRF (150mm) ฿650.00 ฿470.00 Incl VAT
Dampers KRV 100 ฿1,890.00 Incl VAT


The LF series actuators with actuating torque 4 Nm are designed for controlling air dampers with cross section up to 0.8 m² installed in various ventilation and air conditioning systems and performing protection functions, as freezing protection, smoke detection, etc.

Design and compatibility 

  • The actuator moves the damper to its operating position while tensioning the return spring at the same time.
  • In case of power supply cut-off, the damper moves back to its safe position by the spring energy.
  • The actuator is installed directly on the damper axis and locked with a special spindle clamp to prevent its turning-through.
  • The actuator overload protection stops the actuator once it reaches the end positions.
  • The turning angle may be adjusted by a mechanical end stop.

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