Passive Inlet Vent provides make-up air to help balance indoor vs. outdoor air pressure. Allows make-up (supply) air to trickle into the home and helps prevent excessive negative air pressure that can be caused by environmental or mechanical effects.

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Flimmerfilter PM2.5 – TL98D

฿690.00 Incl VAT

Fresh Wall Vent Inlet TL98D

฿1,990.00 ฿1,790.00 Incl VAT

Pollen Filter TL-D 3-pcs

฿390.00 Incl VAT

Standardfilter TL-D

฿320.00 ฿290.00 Incl VAT

Vents Wall Vent Inlet PS101

฿1,590.00 ฿1,490.00 Incl VAT

Vents Wall Vent Inlet With Solar Panel PSS102

฿2,750.00 Incl VAT

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