Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Today we are informed more than ever from institutes like world health organizations, health institutes and governments organizations that our Indoor Air quality (IAQ) in our homes, workplaces, restaurants etc is not good for our health and performance.

It affects our bodies in a bad way that make us sick and millions of people die every year because of bad indoor air quality!

At VentPro we want to help and change this and give our customers fresh and clean air into their buildings, so they can give their body and their love one’s healthy fresh air to breathe.



Indoor Environment CO2

Like Thailand, where doors and windows are kept shut to maintain cool and dry indoor environment. The air quickly becomes poor in oxygen and rich in carbon-dioxide as residents breathe, and after 4 to 5 hours without ventilation, the carbon dioxide levels will more than double, reaching alarmingly high amount.

Control Moister

Ventilation is very important in an energy-efficient home and it helps control moisture allowing homes to breathe.

Swegon AHU CASA - Smarter than ever

Demand-Controlled Office Ventilation

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Why do we need ventilation in homes and workplaces (in Thai Language)

Exhaust Passive Ventilation THAI

PIV How it works


Bathroom Exhaust Fan PAX Norte with APP Control

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They gave us great support in our ventilation project with good know how and they listen to our needs and gave us a great solution. I could warmly recommend them for your ventilation project!


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Many people have been in your shoes, wondering “What do we do about the ventilation or indoor air quality, IAQ?”

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Hathairat “Poopae” Fakkaenchan
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