MICRA 80 A3 single room air handing unit with heat recovery ฿24,900.00 Incl VAT
Vents Bathroom Exhaust Fan Quiet 100 Standard ฿2,390.00 ฿1,590.00 Incl VAT

Axial low-noise fans for exhaust ventilation with Maximum capacity – 78 m3/h.

∅D 100mm, B 150mm, H 120mm, L 108mm, L1 12mm

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  • Continuous or periodic exhaust ventilation of bathroom, showers, kitchens and other utility spaces.
  • Ventilation of premises with high noise level limitations.
  • Ventilation shaft mounting or duct connection.
  • Compatible with 100mm air ducts.
  • Modern design and aesthetic look.
  • The casing and the impeller are made of high-quality durable ABS plastic, UV resistant.
  • The intellectual impeller design makes the fan efficiency high and the service life long.
  • The fan and motor are specially designed for silent operation.
  • Insect screen.
  • Protection rating IP 34.
  • Reliable motor with the minimum power consumption 7 W (for 100 diameter).
  • Designed for continuous operation and requires no maintenance.
  • Equipped with overheating protection.

  • The fan is controlled by a room light switch. It is not included in the delivery package.
  • The fan is controlled by the built-in pull cord switch V. Not applied in case of ceiling mounting.

  • MODELS WITH TH (NOT THIS MODEL, See models with TH on the end.) By the timer T (the built-in run-out timer enables the fan operation within 2 to 30 minutes after the fan switching off).
  • By the humidity sensor and timer TH (if the humidity level in the room exceeds the sensor threshold adjustable value within 60-90% the fan switches automatically on and operates until the humidity level drops to the standard level, after that the fan continues operating within the time period according to the timer setting, then shuts down).
  • The fan is mounted directly into the ventilation shaft, wall or ceiling.
  • Flexible duct application is recommended in case of remote location of the ventilation shaft. The air duct is connected to the fan exhaust flange through a clamp.
  • Fixed to the wall by self-tapping screws.
  • Suitable for ceiling mounting.


Parameter VENTS 100 Silenta-S
Duct diameter 100
Design axial
Voltage 230
Frequency 50/60
Power consumption 7
Air capacity 78
Current 0.035
Sound pressure level at 3 m 26
Weight 0.52
Protection rating IP 34
Spigot size 100
Engine Type 220-240V / 50-60Hz
Type exhaust
Mounting wall mounting, ceiling mounting



Ventpro Manual Vents S-Series ENG


Ventpro Manual Vents S-Series TH


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